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Anne-Laure Louis: Bio, Social Media Presence

Anne-Laure Louis
Anne-Laure Louis

Anne-Laure Louis: Bio, Net Worth, Married Life, Social Media Presence

Anne-Laure Louis is a French entrepreneur, journalist, and television host who is self-sufficient. She also owns and operates the ‘Trente’ online clothing label. She is well-known as the spouse of Barcelona footballer Martin Braithwaite.

Anne-Laure Louis | Bio

On September 27, 1991, Anne-Laure Louis was born. Anne was reared in France by her parents. She, on the other hand, likes a low-key lifestyle and has kept her parents and family’s identities hidden.

Laure is of white origin and maintains a French nationality. Her disposition has a touch of magic because of her gorgeous hazel eyes. When Anne-Laure graduated from high school in her native France, she was one of the best scholars in her class. After graduating, she headed directly to the university to study Media Advertising. Louis earned her bachelor’s degree with honors.

Anne-Laure Louis
Anne-Laure Louis

Anne’s Net Worth

Anne works as a journalist and a TV host. Aside from that, she is a prosperous entrepreneur. Anne owns a restaurant in Barcelona with her spouse. In 2020, she and her spouse established the eatery to provide healthier food and vegan cuisine.

Anne’s employment pays well because she works in several fields. Her actual net worth has not been disclosed, nevertheless, she is estimated to be worth $1 million.

Anne-Laure Louis | Married Life

After a long-distance relationship, Anne-Louis married Martin Braithwaite in 2019. According to sources, they were both working on the project at Anne’s firm in Toulouse. It was there that they drew nearer to one other.

The couple married in the summer and got married in Ibiza. The pair had a spectacular marriage, with red and white roses covering the venue. From their partnership, the couple had four boys. Valentino, their youngest child, has only recently joined them.

Anne-Laure Louis
Anne-Laure Louis

Anne’s Social Media Presence

Anne is a social media personality who is well-liked by her followers since she has such a great influence on them. Her Instagram username is @annelaurebraithwaite, and you may follow her there. On her official Instagram account, the businesswoman has over 27.8k followers. She frequently shows her family pictures from her trips.


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