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Betsy Youngblood: Bio, Marriage, Family

Betsy Youngblood
Betsy Youngblood

Betsy Youngblood: Bio, Marriage, Family

Betsy Youngblood is the spouse of Lee Corso, a well-known American sportscaster, and soccer analyst. Millions of individuals throughout the globe are familiar with her spouse.

Let’s start with a little overview of Lee Corso. We’ll get to Betsy Youngblood shortly. Lee Corso, Betsy’s spouse, works for ESPN as a financial analyst. Lee has been a regular on ESPN’s College GameDay since 1987. He had also worked as a trainer in the past.

Corso was the head soccer coach at the University of Louisville from 1969 through 1972. Trained at Indiana University Bloomington and Northern Illinois University for eight years. Now, we’ve arrived at the section where we’ll discuss Besty Youngblood.

Betsy Youngblood | Bio

Besty is in her eighties, at the very least. In 1953, Lee and Besty married. Their marriage has strongly survived 69 years so far. Besty is in her eighties. Her husband, Lee Corso is around 86 years old. Lee was born on August 7, 1935, in New York City.

Besty Youngblood has kept her family’s and her personal identity a secret. Besty has yet to create an Instagram account. Besty’s daughter is the only member of her family with an Instagram account. Diane’s Instagram handle is @corsobarry.

Betsy Youngblood
Betsy Youngblood


Betsy’s Marriage

Betsy and Lee have been married for almost 7 decades. How about seven decades? No, not at all. It’s been a lot longer, 69 years to be exact. That’s correct. Betsy Youngblood, Lee Corso’s spouse, has been married to the sports broadcaster and soccer expert since 1953, and the couple enjoys a deep bond.

Being together for so long had to have had its ups and downs. However, in the end, the couple’s love triumphed. Lee Corso and Betsy Youngblood are one of only 7% of couples in the globe to have reached the 50-year milestone, something you may not realize. Are you still feeling like a small child? We’ve all heard it said that love doesn’t require words. The relationship between Lee Corso and his spouse is no different.

Even after more than half a century apart, the pair’s affection is as fresh as that of a newlywed pair. In reality, Lee Corso’s spouse was the first to notice his stroke in 2009. With a brief look at her spouse, she grasped it. Lee was evacuated 15 miles to Orlando after Betsy took him to a close Florida hospital. He survived, and he proceeds to amuse the public as he always has. This demonstrates that true love is immortal once more. Every household aspires for the kind of genuine affection that Lee Corso and his spouse, Betsy Youngblood, have.

Betsy Youngblood | Family

There’s no need to be astonished. Betsy Youngblood and Lee Corso have just four children together. This is a common number in many families. Diane Corso Barry is the only daughter of four children. While there is some sibling rivalry, Lee Corso’s children are 10 times more in love.

Lee Corso, as previously said, has only four children, so what’s the big deal? With the grandkids, it’s the figure 14 that adds up! That’s true, Betsy and Lee Corso have ten grandchildren, four of them are Diane’s alone. Lexi Barry, Diane’s eldest son and Lee Corso’s granddaughter turned 21 in January 2022. Sam Barry, Max Barry, and Luke Barry are the other triplets. With such a large family, one can only imagine the size of the Thanksgiving dinner crowd.


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