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WWE stands for World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc., a professional wrestling corporation based in the United States. WWE is a worldwide entertainment company that has expanded into other areas such as movies, American football, and a variety of other economic activities. The firm licenses its intellectual property to businesses for the production of video games and action figures. The Capitol Wrestling Corporation, which was created in 1953, is the name of the promotion. It is the world's biggest wrestling promotion, having two core touring companies and two developing groups among its roster. WWE is offered in 28 languages in 900 million homes around the world. Stamford, Connecticut, is the company's global headquarter, with offices in New York, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Mumbai, Shanghai, Singapore, Dubai, and Munich. WWE matches, like those of other professional wrestling promotions, are entertainment-based performing theatre with storyline-driven, planned, and partially choreographed fights; however, games commonly include aerobatics that can put athletes in danger of physical damage, even death, if performed wrongly. In order to avoid athletic commission taxes, WWE owner Vince McMahon openly admitted the pre-determined component of professional wrestling in 1989. Wrestling's products are marketed as sports enjoyment, reflecting the sport's origins in sports competition and dramatic theatre. Vince McMahon, the firm's chairman, and CEO owns 37.6% of the outstanding stock and has 80.5 percent voting authority. The present company was founded on February 21, 1980, in South Yarmouth, Massachusetts, under the title Titan Sports, Inc. The World Wrestling Federation (WWF), formerly called the World Wide Wrestling Federation (WWWF), was purchased by Capitol Wrestling Corporation Ltd. in 1982. In 1999, Titan was resurrected as World Wrestling Federation Entertainment, Inc., then in 2002, it was rebranded World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. Even though the official title hasn't changed since 2002, the company has been identified solely by the initials WWE from 2011.  
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