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Eddie Hall: Early Life, Career. Individual Records


Eddie Hall: Early Life, Career. Social Media Presence and Physical Measurements, Accomplishments & Net Worth, Individual Records

On January 15, 1988, Edward Stephen Hall was born, popularly known as Eddie Hall. Eddie was a famous strongman in the U.k. in the past. Hall took first place in the 2017 World’s Strongest Man event. Eddie Hall has claimed the UK’s Strongest Man and England’s Strongest Man title in the past.

Eddie Hall | Early Life

He was born in Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire, on the 15th of January 1988. Hall has been a talented swimming athlete. As a youngtsr he used to love practicing to swim. At the age of 15, Hall did retire from Clayton Hall Academy. Eddie got in-home tutoring. The tutoring had not been longenough. He decided to work. In 2008, Eddie gained a job as a machinist. Robert Wiseman Dairies plant in Market Drayton, Shropshire was his workplace.

Eddie won the strongman competition at the Iceman gym in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire. Eddie entered the bodybuilding circuit after winning the strongman competition. Dave Meer, Tamworth’s native, retired from the Elite Strongman England tournament in 2010. He retired from it. The main reason was the injuries he had. He arranged for Hall to take his position. Hall qualified for the 2010 title bout, in which he triumphed by a half-point in his first attempt.

Eddie Hall | Career

In 2011, Eddie Hall claimed the UK’s strongest man competition in Belfast. Eddie established a national world milestone in the “Viking Hold” competition. Hall won the first position in the competition. Hall competed in the national arena in the year 2012. Eddie came fourth. Hall got an offer to be a part of Europe’s Strongest Man. It was a Giant-level competition. This mega-event was in Headingley Carnegie Stadium. The stadium ranks eighth in the world.

Hall competed in World’s Strongest Man in 2012. Hall did not qualify the round. In 2013, Hall was unable to compete in Europe’s Strongest Man. Hall was allowed a second chance and finished eighth. One of the competitors was injured in whose place he got a second chance. Hall gave a challenge to win the title of World’s Strongest Man in 2013.

Eddie Hall
Eddie Hall
Hall won two games. He was unable to advance to the Finals. Hall did qualify for the final match in 2014. He came at the sixth position. Hall earned the World Record for deadlifting 462 kilograms in 2015. In the World Deadlift Championship 2015, he broke his own record by lifting a monstrous 463 kg load.
Eddie Hall was in a docudrama made by Matt Bell and produced by Tom Swanston in December 2015. In 2016, Hall shattered his previous benchmark. He lifted a gigantic 500 kg weight that knocked him out. Hall became the World’s Strongest Man in 2017.

 He intended to resign from World’s Strongest Man due to health crisis and return to lighter-weight events. spent five days in private incarceration for a Channel 5 show called Celebs in Solitary in 2018. In 2019, Hall and Luke Fullbrook, and Chris Peil co-hosted the SPORTbible web show Beasted!. In which they guided eight men over workout and dietary regimes.

Eddie’s Social Media Presence and Physical Measurements

Hall is a massive man. In a single day, he eats five scrambled eggs, three whole chickens, and much more, as per Alexandra Hall. The Hall stands at a height of roughly 6 feet 3 inches. Eddie weighs around 186 kilos. His length, width, and height measurements are 48-35-47 inches. The length of his biceps is 28 inches. Eddie’s eyes are a dark brown tint, and he has brown hair.
Hall is a frequent user of social networking sites. On a frequent basis, he shares images of himself and his household on social media. Eddie has huge social media fanbase. Eddie has almost 2.5 million Instagram subscribers. On Twitter, he has over 110 thousand followers, and on Facebook, he has over 2.1 million.
Eddie‘s Accomplishments & Net Worth
Hall has received various nominations and honors to date. In 2011, Hall got elected as the UK’s strongest man. Hall has three times set the world benchmark for the deadlift. Hall was again named World’s Strongest Man in 2017. He has competed in and qualified for various weightlifting and Giant competitions.

Eddie Hall is a former title holder of the “Strongest Man in the World.”
He has competed in and won a good number of tournaments. The beast’s net value is to be approximately $5 million.
Eddie Hall
Eddie Hall

Eddie Hall | Individual Records

His induivial records:

1. 500 kg deadlift with straps and suit (1,102 lb)
2. 216 kilograms (476 lb) axle press (former world record)
3. 465 kilos Rogue Elephant Bar Deadlift with Straps (1,025 lb)
4. 463 kilos deadlift with straps (1,021 lb)
5. 213 kilos log lift (470 lb)
6. Isabel CrossFit – 60 kilos (132 pounds) for 30 reps in 50.9 seconds (claimed world record)

Gym lifts:

1. Squat – 405 kilograms (893 lb) (raw)
2. 345 kilograms (761 lb) for 8 reps (raw, beltless, on an 8-foot bar)
3. 360 kilograms (794 lb) for 6 reps (raw, beltless, on safety bar)
4. Bench press – 300 kilograms (661 lb) (raw)
5. 265 kilograms (584 lb) for 6 reps (raw, paused, on an 8-foot bar)
6. 225 kilograms (496 lb) for 10 reps (raw, paused, on an 8-foot bar)
7. Incline bench press – 260 kilograms (573 lb) (raw, touch and go)
8. 225 kilograms (496 lb) for 7 reps (raw, paused)
9. Incline dumbbell press – 100 kilograms (220 lb) per hand for 7 reps
10. 90 kilograms (198 lb) per hand for 10 reps
11. Dumbbell shoulder press – 60 kilograms (132 lb) per hand. For 40 reps (constant tension, no pause between reps)
12. Deadlift – 450 kilograms (992 lb) on a two-man bar (raw, with deadlift straps
13. Leg press – 1,000 kilograms (2,205 lb) for 10 reps
14. Silver dollar deadlift – 536 kilograms (1,182 lb)(former world record)



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