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Elaine Boeheim: Early Life, Net Worth, Spouse’s Career


Elaine Boeheim: Early Life, Personal Life, Net Worth, Relationship Status, Not A Socialite Personality, Renowned As  Former Spouse of Jim Boeheim, Spouse’s Career, Body Measurements & Social Media

Elaine Boeheim’s nickname may not be as well-known among basketball’s WAGs, but she does have a connection to the famous basketball icon. Elaine Boeheim is the former wife of Jim Boeheim. Her ex-husband works as a head coach of basketball at Syracuse University. She became famous as a result of her ex-husband. Everybody knows Jim has remarried and is happy, but what about his ex-wife?

Is it true that Elaine Boeheim remarried? Read the entire piece to learn more about Elaine’s marital status.

Elaine Boeheim | Early Life

Elaine Boeheim was born on May 14, 1950, in the United States of America. Elaine has never spoken publicly regarding her childhood or her parents. She is of Caucasian White ancestry and was born in the United States. Boeheim obtained her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in education from the University of Montana. Before being Mrs. Boeheim, she toiled behind the scenes.

Elaine’s Personal Life

She is a single parent parenting her daughter. Elizabeth has stayed with her mother since her parents’ broken relationship and has a nice relationship with her father and his present family. Her daughter has already graduated from Colby College in Waterville, Maine, with a bachelor’s degree. After that, she went to the University of Montana to get his master’s degree.

Elaine Boeheim
Elaine Boeheim

Elaine’s Net Worth

Elaine Boeheim has a net worth of $200 thousand, which she acquired from her work as an entrepreneur. Her previous hubby also pays her some maintenance and child maintenance. Jim Boeheim, her ex-husband, has a phenomenal net worth of $16 million.

Before bonuses, his estimated yearly compensation is $2 million. Boeheim has led the American National Basketball squad for more than 30 years. He was the trainer of three Olympic gold medalist squads.

He is the current head coach of Syracuse University’s basketball squad. His club has competed in the Big East Tournament five times and the NCAA Tournament 28 times.

Elaine Boeheim | Relationship Status

After marrying her spouse, Jim, Elaine emerged as a well-known personality. . In Lyons, New York, in 1976, the two lovebirds married. Prior to tying the knot, they had previously dated for a long period. In 1993, the pair chose to adopt Elizabeth. This seemingly idyllic relationship was hardly the same after adopting the daughter Elizabeth.

After they split in early 1994, Elaine and Jim divorced. The court took care of Elaine’s daughter’s guardianship. Elaine hasn’t spoken to anyone after her divorce from Jim, and there hasn’t been any information about her in the media.

In contrast, Jim started dating, before getting married to Juli Greene. Juli and Jim’s three kids are Jamie, Jack, and James Boeheim. In 1994, they met for the first occasion at a Derby Day party in Lexington. It’s been nearly two decades since they married, and there are no indications that their marriage has had any sort of highs and lows.

They are known as the “First Dynasty of Basketball” in New York. They have a pet dog named Lulu, who features in family portraits as well. In the concentrated trinity of Syracuse, Ithaca, and Rochester, the kids play near home. Parents attend the matches to support their children.

Jim stated: “When we’re home on a Saturday, we can watch Jimmy at Cornell on Friday night, and if Sissy is home, they’ll play on Sunday.”We’ve scouted a number of weekends so far. We’re looking forward to it; it’ll be a lot of fun.”

The duo is generous and supports cancer patients through charity activities. Jim and Juli Boeheim Foundation is a trust they established together. Jim was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2001, which reflects his involvement in cancer research and collecting funds for cancer patients.

Elaine Boeheim
Elaine Boeheim

Not A Socialite Personality

She keeps her distance from the press and the public after her divorce from the head coach, Jim Boeheim. Elaine is a private woman who lives alone with her only child. Furthermore, she has not been active on any social networking platforms to date.

Elaine Boeheim | Renowned As Former Spouse of Jim Boeheim

In 1976, Elaine and Jim Boeheim, the basketball trainer, went down the aisle. Their marriage was held in a huge mansion, as was customary at the time.

In the early 1970s, they began dating. Sadly, the pair’s wedding did not last longer than 18 and a half years. They petitioned for divorce in 1993, and it was granted in 1994.

Spouse’s Career

Boeheim started his basketball profession as an athlete until moving into coaching. He was an assistant coach at Syracuse University until 1966. Beginning in 1976, James has been the head coach of the Syracuse basketball team for almost 45 years. Overall, he has a 979-407 record.

He had previously operated as professional basketball athlete for several years. 

In 1969, he made career change and began instructing basketball to the beginners. Jim was soon recruited as a graduate assistant at his old institution. Jim was elevated to full-time interim coach after a few years of employment in this post.In 1975, he was a member of the coaching staff as the squad reached the NCAA championship finale for the first time. The head coach of the University’s basketball team quit and went to some other university in 1976, leaving the position empty.

Jim was appointed to this position, which he still holds. His squad won a lot of games and won the cup on multiple occasions under his leadership. He guided the Orange to five Final Four appearances and a national championship. Jim has stated that coaching Little League basketball is his passion and that once he quits from this position, he has no plans to pursue any other career.


James was named trainer of the national squad in 1994. He had been their assistant coach since 1990. During his tenure with the national football squad, he earned three Olympic gold medals, two FIBA World Championship gold medals, and two bronze medals. In April of this year, he declared his retirement. His agreement, although, was extended beyond the 2017–18 campaign.

Elaine Boeheim
Elaine Boeheim

Body Measurements & Social Media

Elaine stands at an average height of 5 feet 6 inches and has a thin figure. Her body measurements are 36-24-36 inches and she weighs roughly 55 kg. Her hair is blonde, and her eyes are brown. There is no more information about her body measurement available.

She prefers to keep her personal life private and is not active on social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.



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