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Elina Gollert: Social Media Presence, Early Life, Net Worth

Elina Gollert

Elina Gollert: Social Media Presence, Early Life, Homemaker, Relationship Status, Net Worth

Elina Gollert is the wife of Simon Kjaer, a Danish soccer athlete. After Denmark midfielder Chris Eriksen fell, her spouse displayed true leadership on the pitch. Simon not only assisted Chris in his pain, but he also consoled Chris’s spouse, Sabrina Eriksen, who was heartbroken by Chris’s situation. Elina is a working woman who is related to being a brilliant footballer. She operates as a fashion designer and a model in specific.

Elina Gollert | Social Media Presence

Elina is a frequent Instagram user, and her page is filled with photos of her family having fun. Her two lovely babies occupy a large portion of her social media page, and she appears to be thoroughly enjoying her time as a mother. She does occasionally release snippets from her job, which could indicate that she is devoting significant time to organizing and preparing her company.

Elina Gollert
Elina Gollert

Elina’s Early Life

Elina Gollert was born in Sweden on September 23, 1988. Jason Gollert, her dad, is an architect, and Johana Gollert, her mom, is a history teacher. Elina has a younger brother as well. Elina finished her studies in his homeland of Stockholm, Sweden. She enrolled in a fashion design course at a local university shortly after graduating from high school.

Elina as a Homemaker

Elina’s life revolves around her lovely family, and the 33-year-old has thoroughly enjoyed looking after them up until now. However, it appears that she is preparing to start her own enterprise because she has a creative mind and a desire to accomplish higher achievements. Nothing can stop her from pursuing her ambition now that she has a fashion degree and her hubby’s affection and encouragement.

Elina Gollert
Elina Gollert

Elina Gollert | Relationship Status

After his divorce from his former spouse Camilla in 2013, Simon Kjaer began dating Elina. Elina’s vitality and lovely spirit drew the attention of the AC Milan captain right away. The pair, on the other hand, took several years to develop their relationship before marrying in a spectacular wedding ceremony in 2017.

Since then, the 33-year-old has been Simon’s power stream. Milas and Viggo Kjaer, the couple’s two kids, were born to them. On his Instagram account, Elina posts a lot of wonderful family photos. The Kjaer clan seemed to be relishing every second of their time together.

Elina’s Net Worth

Elina’s estimated net worth is unidentified. Simon is believed to have a net worth of $1.5 million.


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