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Jacquelyn Verdon: Bio, Kids, Social Media Presence

Jacquelyn Verdon
Jacquelyn Verdon

Jacquelyn Verdon: Bio, Relationship Status, Kids, Net Worth, Social Media Presence

Jacquelyn Verdon is a gymnast and a professional skincare trainer. However, she is best known as Todd Frazier’s wife. Todd Frazier is a well-known baseball athlete in the United States.

Todd has certainly accomplished a lot and set some big records in his career. Jacquelyn is a strong advocate for her spouse. Aside from that, she is a very outgoing and social individual who enjoys sharing her joy with her well-wishers.

Jacquelyn Verdon | Bio

Jacquelyn Verdon was born on the 15th of May in the state of New Jersey, in the United States. Her basic education was accomplished in New Jersey. She had always been a bright student and a thinker since she was a kid. After completing elementary school, she enrolled at Rutgers University in New Jersey to pursue her degree. Todd Frazier was the first person she met there.

Jacquelyn is extremely protective of her household. Kevin Verdon is her dad’s name, and Cheryl Verdon is her mom’s name. Danielle Verdon is her younger sister. Danielle also has finished her degree from Rutgers University in 2014.

Jacquelyn Verdon
Jacquelyn Verdon

Jacquelyn’s Relationship Status

Almost every fan of Jackie and Todd is aware that they were dating prior to their marriage. They agreed to marry each other after a seven-year romance. The love tale of Jacquelyn and Todd is worthy of a film. People were moved by their love tales and admired both of them.

As previously stated, the pair met while attending university. Todd Frazier and Jacquelyn Verdon met while they were both exceptional athletes in college, and that’s how they were acquainted. After that, Todd Frazier and Jacquelyn Verdon chose to date each other.

They eventually fell in love with one another. Because the pair was mature enough, they didn’t let their emotions interfere with their love. They settled down first and then got engaged on November 18, 2012. Following that, their family and friends agreed to take them on a trip. Todd and Jacquelyn started their river journey at the Mexican border, as their family had planned. In general, they were both pleased at the moment because they had the opportunity to spend quality family time together.

Amid their river expedition, Todd recommended that Jaquelyn walk to the other side of the river and appreciate the beauty of the river and the mountains. Jaquelyn replied in the positive. Todd proposed to Jacquelyn Verdon for Marry while taking in the scenery. She welcomed the idea and replied affirmatively. For both of them, the experience was wonderful. That’s why they both decided it was the nicest trip they’d ever taken.

They chose to marry in early 2012 in New Jersey after arriving at their location. The wedding took place, and they became a family. Harold Reynolds was one of the well-known celebs that visited their wedding event. Todd and Jackie’s college buddies and family members were also in attendance during their wedding. She changed her name to Jacquelyn Frazier after that.

Despite the passage of time, there are no obstacles in their wedding. They live a happy life, which is why the couple’s family is hoping to learn from them about how to appreciate and love their spouses.

Jacquelyn Verdon | Kids

Jacquelyn Verdon became pregnant in late 2013 and gave birth to a son in mid-2014. Blake Frazier was the name chosen by the pair for their baby. Blake Frazier was born after that. Kylie Frazier was born in the year 2016. They later added another son to the family, whom they named Grant.

Jacquelyn’s Net Worth

Todd has a net worth of $7 million, while Jacquelyn has a net worth of $3 million.

Jacquelyn Verdon
Jacquelyn Verdon

Jacquelyn Verdon | Social Media Presence

She has over 27K Instagram followers and has posted over 6000 times to build a dedicated following. Her Instagram feed is encircled by photos of her household, particularly her children.

On Twitter, Jacquelyn Verdon has a sizable following. In March 2010, she started a Twitter account. She has amassed over 11K Twitter followers so far. She is, nevertheless, not very active on Twitter. Her most recent tweet was in December 2019.


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