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Jessica Melena: Relationship Status & Household


Jessica Melena: Relationship Status & Household

Jessica Melena is the spouse of Ciro Immobile, a well-known Italian footballer. She is well recognized for being Ciro Immobile’s wife. Her dad was a postman, and her mom was a chef, and she grew up in a very humble household. Her ancestors hail from Italy, Portugal, and Spain.

On July 17, 1990, Jessica Melena was born. Jessica moved away from home to obtain a degree in criminology. It had always been her ambition to study that subject. She did, however, wind up competing in beauty pageants. In 2009, she was crowned Miss Meditarian. In 2011, she was crowned Miss Peugeot. She is rumored to have dropped out of university. Her major was Investigation Sciences in the Faculty of Science.

She is a dancer who has studied dance and rhythmic gymnastics since she was a toddler. Her ambition, though, is to work as a criminologist. Jessica Melena is most recognized to the wider public as Immobile’s wife. She appeared in the docu-reality Le Capitane, which aired on Spike TV in 2017, but she is a mom in reality.

Jessica Melena | Relationship Status & Household

Jessica and Ciro first met in a restaurant in the year 2012. It was love at first sight for the footballer, who was on loan at Serie B club Pescara at the moment, and they commenced living altogether just weeks later.

Joy has revealed that her spouse had messaged me on the third day after they had met, “You would be the mother of my babies.” I commented that I felt that was a little strong, but he soon followed through on his promises. “He proved accurate in his claims.”In the year 2014, they married.

Ciro Immobile and Jessica Melena have three children together. Jessica gave birth to Immobile’s first baby, Michela, in June 2013.Jessica got pregnant for the second time a year later, and she gave birth to their second kid, a daughter called Giorgia Immobile, in June 2015. Mattia Immobile, the couple’s third kid & first son, was born in September 2019.

Jessica Melena
Jessica Melena

The Immobile family has lived in a beautiful residence 4 kilometers from the Olimpico in the capital since 2017, after nine moves in nine years (as reported by Napoli news). Jessica Melena and her husband Ciro Immobile have a loving home near Olimpico.
Their home, as per social media, is contemporary: the walls are white and heated by a light brown parquet.

The lines are neat and appropriate for a family of three small children. Any minor indulgences can be found there. A magnificent Christmas tree and a walk-in closet Ciro Immobile and Jessica Melena decorated simultaneously!a


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