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Jordan Lemahieu: Bio, Career, Net Worth

Jordan LeMahieu
Jordan LeMahieu

Jordan Lemahieu: Bio, Career, Relationship Status & Kids, Net Worth

Jordan Lemahieu is an American beauty who is blissfully married to David John Lemahieu, a professional Major League Baseball athlete who has won a Gold Glove award. She works as a real estate agent in Michigan, the United States. Jordan operates for a private corporation owned by her family.

She is now enjoying her best life, particularly after her spouse earned a six-year, multimillion-dollar agreement to bat for the Yankees in 2021. She’s a fantastic agent who never lets her emotional responses impair her judgment. Her spouse casts a long shade over her. Let’s have a peek at her life story.

Jordan Lemahieu | Bio

Jordan E. Freeman was born in the state of Georgia in the United States in 1988. Richard Taylor and Debra Smith Freeman are her parents. Katherine Taylor is her younger sister, and she is married to a soccer instructor.

There is no detail regarding her educational background. She currently resides in Birmingham, New York, with her spouse in a $1.35 million mansion. Following the purchase of the home, they relocated from Michigan to New York.

Jordan LeMahieu
Jordan LeMahieu

Jordan’s Career

Jordan loves to be an independent woman and has a strong personality. She is a professional real estate salesperson.  Her family owns Keller Williams Realty, where she works as a realtor. His real estate projects include her entire family. Jordan Lemahieu’s Instagram account is private.

Jordan Lemahieu | Relationship Status & Kids

In 2014, the pair married in a small wedding accompanied by family and acquaintances. She married at the age of 26. The pair is happy in their relationship. Her husband is a fantastic baseball athlete. His talent came to the forefront during his upbringing. It came into the limelight when he was playing at school.

His father, a former Major League Baseball player, was an inspiration to him. David’s dad noticed his son was a natural at the games. His dad encouraged him to practice at home daily. At the age of 32, he is the first baseball athlete to hold a hit record of 71 hits.

They recently announced the birth of their child on social media. She shared the joyful news about their upcoming kid on Instagram.

Jordan LeMahieu
Jordan LeMahieu


Jordan’s Net Worth

According to reports, the beautiful gem is worth $4 million. This is money she earned through real estate sales and as beneficiary of her partner’s fortune. Her hubby is worth $10 million.  He has huge popularity as a baseball player. Jordan Lemahieu is a real estate agent in the United States. Jordan is the spouse of Major League Baseball player David Lemahieu.


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