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Katrina Sloane: Bio, Net Worth, Social Media Presence

Katrina Sloane

Katrina Sloane: Bio, Career, Relationship Status, Kids, Travel Love, Net Worth, Social Media Presence

Brad Marchand, the newest NHL megastar, is renowned for more than his exceptional hockey skills. On either side, his fans are quite interested in learning more about his personal life. Brad Marchand’s spouse is a hot topic amid admirers, and we’re interested in learning extra about her. So we’ve tried to cover every detail regarding his spouse, Katrina Sloane, in this piece. Katrina is a beautiful blonde with unusual blue eyes. After her wedding to Brad Marchand, she became one of the most famous people in the world.

Brad Marchand manages to be the focus of attraction at all times. He’s notorious for his hot temperament and for becoming a genuine hassle on the ice. But a lot has happened in his life since he met his important half. So keep reading to find more regarding Brad’s wife, Katrina Sloane, who has had a big impact on his life.

Let’s take a look at some basic facts regarding Brad Marchand’s wife before moving on.

Katrina’s Bio

Katrina Sloane is well-known for being Brad Marchand’s spouse. Katrina was born in the state of Rhode Island in the United States. Her racial background is that she is an American citizen. Her mom and dad are Christopher Sloane Walden and Kathleen Sloane Walden. Kevin Sloane, his brother, was the one who reared her. Sloane attended the Bay View School of St. Mary’s Academy.

Katrina Sloane
Katrina Sloane

Katrina Sloane | Career

So far, we didn’t know much regarding her professional life. However, we do know who she is: she is the owner of the “Kevin Sloane apparel” shop. Katrina also has a real estate license, as per several internet-based reports. In addition, she was prominent in 2015. She has also collaborated with CL Properties’ senior vice president Travis Sachs.

Katrina & Brad Relationship Status

Katrina Sloane, Bradley Marchand’s girlfriend, had a connection with him. This pair’s love journey dates back to 2011. Following that, in September 2015, the couple married. Their wedding was kept very secret, with just close acquaintances and family members in attendance, including some NHL superstars. The marriage took place on a private estate in the countryside.

It was elaborate and polished to perfection. Under the lovely Oak trees, there were great extensions of bar loungers and tiki tents for the youngsters throughout meals. Brad had seven groomsmen, while Katrina had thirteen bridesmaids. The husband donned a grey tuxedo with a lace overlay, and the bride donned a stunning white gown with a lace overlay.

Sloane, Katrina’s son, was the ring bearer. Before the wedding, Sloane came down the makeshift aisle holding a placard that read, “Poppa, here comes mommy.” The wedding cake consisted of three spherical tiers adorned with blush-colored roses on three levels.

Katrina & Brad Kids

Katrina Sloane gave birth to their gorgeous kid Sawyer Marchand in 2017 following two years of marriage. Sloane Marchand, her son from a prior partnership, is also her mother.
As a result, her present spouse, Brad, considers him to be his kid. As evidenced by their social media posts, Bradley Marchand adores his two children.

The pair seemed to be having a happy marital life with their children. Brad, as per his mother, is an especially huge youngster. As a result, when he’s with his kids, he’s able to channel his inner child. “Katrina adores Brad and Brad adores Katrina,” Brad’s mum added.

Katrina Sloane
Katrina Sloane

Katrina’s Travel Love

Katrina is a frequent traveler, and she and Brad take advantage of any opportunity to get off. She published photos from a beach in Bermuda in 2016. She had been to St. Thomas previously that year. Off-duty, Brad and Katrina went to the Bahamas.

The charming pair visited Italy a few years back. As per Katrina’s Instagram photo recollections, the two had a once-in-a-lifetime vacation together. They visited Capri, saw the breathtaking Amalfi Coast, and stopped in Ravello.

Katrina and Brad have taken up traveling and seeing wonderful destinations as a passion, and they are more likely to be going to exotic countries in the upcoming years.

Katrina Sloane | Net Worth

Regretfully, Katrina Sloane’s net worth is unknown; she may be employed in a career that pays well. As a result, there is no reliable information on her net worth. In any case, it is widely assumed that she and her significant other shared a total wealth of $25 million. She is the owner of the Katrina Sloane clothing boutique, according to her account. However, there is no further data on the fortune she obtains from the store.

Katrina Sloane | Social Media Presence

Katrina is active on several social networking sites. She spends the majority of her time on the social media platform Instagram. She mostly posts pictures of her household and provides a sneak-peek into her private life. In 2017, she began using Instagram. Katrina presently has 16k followers on her Instagram account, even though she has made her account private.

Her Instagram handle is @kasloane, and you can find her there. She goes by the handle @Ka_sloane on Twitter, where she now has 123 followers. According to Katrina’s Twitter account, she is a proud mother and wife. “First and foremost, I am a mother and wife… everything else only adds to our life’s lovely experience together,” she writes in her bio.


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