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Kristen Gundy: Bio, Net Worth, Household

Kristen Gundy
Kristen Gundy

Kristen Gundy: Bio, Net Worth, Household

Kristen Gundy is an American who rose to prominence after marrying Mike Gundy, a retired football coach. Mike Gundy is the head coach of Oklahoma State University right now.

Kristen’s Bio

Kristen Gundy was born in the United States of America on September 9, 1968. Daniel Strickland and Karen Strickland are her parents. She has two siblings. Their names are Graig Strickland and Chad Strickland.

Kristen Gundy | Net Worth

Her spouse seems to have a net worth of $10 million. Her professional background is unknown, but she is usually courteous. In Stillwater, Oklahoma, she and her hubby purchased a $1.8 million property.

Kristen Gundy
Kristen Gundy

Kristen’s Household

Her spouse, Mike Gundy, is a retired quarterback and current trainer at Oklahoma State. The couple has three boys together. Three Gundy siblings are Gunnar Gundy, Gavin Gundy, and Gage Gundy. Kristen is continuously busy as the wife of a football coach and the mother of three children. This is his way of life, particularly during soccer season. It is, nevertheless, a life that would be tough to abandon.

Mike Goody, the head coach of the Oklahoma State soccer team, and Kristen have known each other since the sixth school. Both of them are from Midwest City. Although soccer is an essential part of this household’s lives, Kristen highlights that the family is most importantly evolving. Kristen Gundy in a conversation with Chase Rheam of the Stillwater NewsPress and Paisley talked about her household and what it’s like to be a soccer family. The above discussion was published in next month’s issue of Paisley magazine.


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