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Lataya Varner: LGBTQA Rights Advocate

Lataya Varner
Lataya Varner

Lataya Varner: Happy Married Life, LGBTQA Rights Advocate, Net Worth

Every accomplished individual has someone who is there for them during their highs and lows. WAG means “woman of the world,” and LaTaya Varner is one. Her devoted spouse is Seimone Augustus, a three-time Olympic gold medallist.

She is better identified as an American basketball athlete’s girlfriend than as the player’s lesbian spouse, but it does not diminish her worth as a woman. As a result, we’re bringing you nearer to the lovely diva’s married life, net worth, and personal life today.

Lataya Varner | Happy Married Life

LaTaya Varner is an accomplished actor, but she rose to global prominence following her wedding. She fell madly in love with Seimone Augustus, a professional women’s basketball athlete from the United States, and the two dated for quite some time. They met for the first time in Minneapolis, and there was an immediate connection.

After years of relationship, the basketball athlete proposed to her with a magnificent emerald cut diamond ring on Miami Beach in 2010. Varner had to marry somewhere else since same-sex marriages were outlawed in Minnesota. As a consequence, the charming pair married in a modest classical marriage in Hawaii in 2015. Only fifteen individuals showed up for the dinner, which featured an Ieis exchange and a hula dance.

Varner had an outside celebration at Montage Kapalua Bay in Maui at the time, so the marriage wasn’t completed. The LGBTQA pair sliced the velvet cake dessert in a beautiful environment to commemorate their love.

Augustus, her spouse, had fibroids surgery at Fairview Southdale Hospital in April 2020. Her uterus was evacuated, but not her ovaries, so she can still have kids in the future via surrogacy.

Lataya Varner
Lataya Varner

Lataya Varner | LGBTQA Rights Advocate

LaTaya Varner, who began a loving involvement with Augustus in the late 2000s, found it tough at times. Sadly, because individuals at the time had a distinct view on LGBTQA rights, they were not effectively established. They didn’t marry for years despite their engagement since the LGBTQA wedding was banned in California at the time.

Augustus, the Olympic gold medallist, went on to say how important homosexual rights are. Varner’s lover has also piqued the sports world’s interest. Even though the province didn’t allow it, they traveled to Hawaii to marry.

Lataya’s Net Worth

As a star admirer, LaTaya Varner has nothing to fear about financially. She supports herself by working as an actor and model. She has a $2 million net worth. Augustus, on the alternative side, was awarded $100,000 by her WNBA squad.

Varner enjoys a rich lifestyle that includes a myriad of extravagances. Her family and she lives in a dazzling mansion in Los Angeles, California. She loves going to parties and traveling to different parts of the globe when she is not at work.


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