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Laura Ciancola: Early Life, Career, Net Worth

Laura Ciancola

Laura Ciancola: Early Life, Career, Relationship Status, Net Worth & Social Media Presence

Laura Ciancola career details may not be well-known globally. However, football fans will remember her as the erstwhile spouse of Tim Howard. Tim Howard’s fame is well-known; he is arguably the greatest goalie of all era. In summary, she is well-known around the globe as the ex-wife of Tim Howard, a well-known American footballerLaura and Tim married in 2003, vowing to spend the rest of their lives together.

Unfortunately, they split in 2012 after a 9-year marital relationship. She is presently married to Trey Liebenrood, an American national. Tim Howard, her former partner, is a goalie and captain for the MLS soccer team Colorado Rapids. He formerly featured for Manchester United and Everton F.C. in the English Premier League.

Laura Ciancola | Early Life

Laura Ciancola was born in Tennessee, United States of America, and retains American citizen status, though her exact year of birth is unknown. Laura gave birth to two kids, Jacob, their son, and Alivia, during their Golden time of joyful marital existence with Tim Howard.

Laura Ciancola moved in with her son and daughter after officially divorcing Howard in 2012. Laura got remarried to Trey Liebenrood on October 12, 2013, and they are now living happily ever after.

Laura Ciancola
Laura Ciancola

Laura Ciancola | Career

Laura Ciancola’s profession is relative, which implies she is an actor who has been in several television shows. In addition, her portrayal of Cully Barnaby in the long-running British crime thriller Midsomer Murders has earned her widespread recognition.

Laura’s latest work, on the other hand, is a mystery since there are no reliable details about her present job or income streams. The only known information about her is that she is the ex-wife of American soccer athlete Tim Howard.

In a nutshell, her present job is unclear, and no one knows how she earns money. However, based on her posts and photos on various social media sites, we can conclude that she has a wonderful and joyful life with her kids and current spouse, Trey Liebenrood.

Laura’s Relationship Status

Laura, on the other hand, married Tim Howard in 2003 after falling in love with him. Furthermore, after sharing more than nine years of her precious and beautiful life with him, she gained big renown and popularity.

She did, however, divorce Tim in 2012 due to a mistake and a misalignment of their private and working life. The fundamental cause for their divorce has yet to be disclosed, but we can assume it has much to do with a lack of consistency between work and personal life, as well as financial worries.

Laura Ciancola
Laura Ciancola

After officially divorcing him, she started living with her two children, Jacob, her son, and Alivia, her daughter. But on October 12, 2013, her life took a new turn when she marriedTrey Liebenrood for the second time. Trey Liebenrood is a citizen of the United States.

There are no further data about him on the internet outside his narrow network on social media sites like Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. He only has a small number of fans. Laura Ciancola and her husband, Trey Liebenrood, are not well-known on social media or as Tim Howard. However, based on the accessible posts on social media sites, we can deduce that they live a tranquil and happy life together.

Laura’s Net Worth & Social Media Presence

Laura has a net worth of over $5 million. Her profile does not have a large fan base. She has a private account and is surrounded by a small group of friends.



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