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Linda Palonen: A Certified Wealth Advisor

Linda Palonen

Linda Palonen: Apollo’s Bodybuilding Spouse, A Certified Wealth Advisor

Linda Palonen is a bodybuilder and the wife of American wrestler Apollo Crews. Sade Sofiya is Linda’s child with her spouse Apollo. Linda’s child, Sade, was born on the 22nd of June, 2017.

Apart from Sade, Linda and Apollo have no other kids. Unlike her spouse, Linda likes to maintain a low presence. She has a personal Instagram account as well as a Twitter account wherein she talks about her profession rather than her images.

Apollo’s Bodybuilding Spouse, Linda

We don’t know much about Linda’s personal life, but we do know that she enjoys her companion, Apollo. Even though they have a daughter named Sade Sofiya, neither Apollo nor Linda has stated that they are married.

Linda is a solitary individual who, as previously said, has made her Instagram account personal. On the other side, her Twitter page seems to be either full of strange items or her partner Apollo. Linda Crews, Apollo Crews’ spouse, also seems to be a huge rap music fan. Linda exclusively listens to Tupac Shakur, Eminem, Dr. Dre, Rae Sremmurd, and J Cole when it comes to rap music. While working out at the gym, individuals listen to a variety of music, and Linda’s gym flow is rap.

Linda Palonen
Linda Palonen

Linda Palonen | A Certified Wealth Advisor

Her dad worked for a nearby paper factory for 40 years until retirement, just like his parents and ancestors, while growing up in a tiny industrial village in Nokia, Finland. My father used to tell my brother and me that we needed to get our educations so we could get better jobs. He didn’t want us to carry on the traditional customs of being mill employees for the 4th generation. My brother and I both attended school while participating in sports. I used to practice basketball and he used to play hockey. And I was quite good at both of them.

Linda is a shareholder and wealth advisor with Resource Consulting Group (RCG). She began working at RCG in February 2006. Linda is a Certified Financial Adviser with substantial financial planning and investment management expertise. Developing, executing, and assessing financial solutions, as well as monitoring and managing client accounts, are among Linda’s obligations as a wealth advisor.

She focuses on helping professional athletes and their unique demands outside of their sports venues as part of her vocation. Linda earned a Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance from Stetson University. She also graduated from the Stetson University School of Business with an MBA. The Financial Planning Association has Linda as a member.


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