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Paige Fertitta: Early Life, Net Worth, Education & Career

Paige Fertitta
Paige Fertitta

Paige Fertitta: Early Life, Net Worth, Relationship Status, Education & Career

Paige Fertitta is the ex-wife of billionaire Tilman Joseph Fertitta and the mom of his 4 kids. Her ex-husband is the founder and CEO of Lantdry’s, Inc, a multi-brand company.
Lantry’s, Inc operates over 600 restaurants, hotels, casinos, and other amusement venues in the United States and abroad. The business operates in thirty-five of the fifty states in the United States. It also owns and operates the country’s second-largest seafood franchises.

Paige Fertitta | Early Life

Paige Fertitta was born as Paige Freeman on December 18, 1958, to Charles Henry Farewell and Mary Jo Farewell. Before her, her parents already had a son named Neil. Charles, her father, is an Army veteran who served in the 8th Defense Command and the 78th Anti-Aircraft Battalion.

He volunteered at the Colorado Trailhead as well. Her mother was a teacher and a graduate of Southeastern College, while her dad was a soldier. Her mother worked in a variety of settings, including Fox High School, until passing away in 2014 at the age of ninety-one. People only know about her life after she married millionaire Tilman Fertitta since she has kept her early life private. Before being divorced, the pair married in 1991 and had a lovely family.

Tilman wedded Lauren Ware, his second spouse, just after divorce. When they were still hitched, her ex-husband had grown to be a billionaire. He was both the owner and the CEO of Landry’s, Inc. He owned and operated hundreds of hotels, eateries, and other leisure facilities. Tilman was pursuing his TV career in addition to his commercial conglomerate. His television program, Billion Dollar Buyer, was hosted by him. He also gets along well with the Bush and Clinton families.

Despite controlling the Houston Rockets and contributing to politics, he also owns millions of dollars in property investment. Paige was busy caring for their children and working as a philanthropist while Tilman was developing his company. She is a plain yet beautiful woman who just carries two bracelets with her kid’s initials on them.

Paige is engaged with several charitable organizations, including the Fay School Board. She also organizes other events and fundraisers, such as the yearly Mardi Gras Balls in San Louis and the yearly benefit for the Houston Police Foundation. Paige is a down-to-earth woman who lives a simple life despite being the ex-wife of a billionaire.

Paige Fertitta
Paige Fertitta

Paige’s Net Worth

Paige’s net worth is unknown, even though she is the ex-wife of a billionaire and has ties to numerous organizations. Her ex-husband, on the other hand, has a 4.8 billion dollar net worth, so it’s no wonder that she has substantial wealth as well.

Paige Fertitta | Relationship Status

Paige married Tilman Fertitta, her millionaire ex-husband, after refusing him twice. Tilman’s third attempt was the key, as Paige eventually agreed to his offer. The pair married in 1991 and have four children altogether. Their first two sons, Michael and Patrick, were born in 1992 and 1994, respectively.

They welcomed their third baby, a daughter called Blayne, after bearing two sons. After that, they had their youngest child, Blake. The pair had a luxurious lifestyle with their 4 kids until they chose to separate.

Following his divorce, Tilman married Lauren Ware, an attorney from Houston. Despite their divorce, Paige and Tilman maintain good contacts for the sake of their children. On Mother’s Day, Tilman greets Paige on the account of their children.

Paige Fertitta
Paige Fertitta

Paige’s Education & Career

Paige is a dedicated philanthropist who works with a variety of charities. However, he has kept quiet about her academic credentials. As a result, no one knows anything about her academic history. Paige hasn’t revealed much about her private life or job prior to her ex-marriage. husband’s As a result, no one knows what she did before becoming a Fertitta.

After marrying Tilman, she got involved in some charitable organizations. She was a part of the Fay School Board of Trustees and the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. She used to organize events such as the Houston Police Department’s Annual Fundraiser, in contrast to just endorsing other philanthropic groups. She remains to be a philanthropist even after her divorce.



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